My Space Bar Doesn't Take me to the Moon!

Not only does my space bar not transport me to the milky way, it always doesn't want to function properly for it's originally intended purpose! This explains why some of my emails and blog posts looksomethinglikethis.

My malfunctioning keyboard inspired this little piece of art and also about 6 hours of research into a new personal computer.

I bumped into the saying on Pinterest somewhere and given my space bar issues, it spoke to me :). I made the space orb out of watercolor paper and paints after being inspired by Eliza Hall's artwork. The hand lettering was done with a white gel pen and "SPACE BAR" was written using my newly acquired embossing kit.

Have you seen the magic embossing videos on Instagram before?? It's crazy - you write with this magic pen, then you sprinkle magic embossing dust over it, shake it off and then hit the letters (or design) with a heat gun and it melts into a raised metallic finish. So cool! Unfortunately, I found the heat gun also wrinkled the paper I used quite a bit. I'll try something sturdier next time.

I'm still practicing hand lettering almost every day. There's plenty more work to be done but it's coming along. One day, I'm sure I'll look back on these early pieces and feel a little embarrassed but I'm okay sharing my learning process with the universe!

And now that I've done a bit of art for the day, I'll be diving back into the PC review rabbit hole for the next few hours :).

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