A Mix of Art and Science

"Ohhh what a beautiful email! I'm so excited to find this in my inbox. I just can't wait to unwrap this email and see what cool things could be inside!" -  SAID NO ONE EVER :) :).

But receiving real mail in your real mailbox can elicit true happiness! Knowing that someone took the time to find a card, add a sentiment, dig in their junk drawer for a stamp and drive around looking for a blue postal drop-box can only make you feel special. That's why I jumped at the chance to participate in a recent Happy Mail swap.

My partner had listed science as one of her themes and I couldn't think of a better inspiration to mix with art! This is the full package I sent.

I made the envelope out of watercolor paper and painted this design that's intended to represent plant cellulose under a microscope.

I added a couple of science'ey quotes that I wrote using my JV calligraphy skills. The first is an explanation of why the sky is blue from Philip C. Plait. The second is one of my favorite quotes and something I really believe Carl Sagan was right about :).

I also made a little tag and a series of petri dish circles with painted bacteria in them. They are harmless and germ free :).

This is a science-themed banner and a gravity testing kit - in case my partner ever finds herself in a situation where it could come in handy.

 Lastly, some periodic poetry! I made a bunch of letters inspired by the Periodic Table of Elements. They can be combined to make various different words (including a few bad ones :)).

I hope that this mail made by partner happy! It made me happy to create it for her.

Unintended consequence of making happy mail...wanting to go to McDonalds for a Happy Meal. 


Natashalh said...

Absolutely lovely! I'm sure this mail will create plenty of happy. =)

azteclady said...

I am very glad you are blogging more frequently again.

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