How Big of a Bill Murray Fan Are You?

I've been swapping in Craftster's ongoing Artist Trading Card (ATC) exchange this month. Everyone has such inspiring themes to share - it's proving to be great motivation to make messes in my craft room! These are the first couple cards I've made based on my partner's themes of Bill Murray and Foxes. 

If you're an uber-fan, you may recognize this bizarre quote from one of Bill Murray's movies. Any guesses?? Spoiler below :). 

If you guessed What About Bob? you are officially an uber-fan of Bill Murray!! 

I think What About Bob? is one of the most hilarious movies of all time and the dinner scene absolutely kills me, this quote in particular. I'm giggling just typing the words! It's so ridiculous! I mean, of course it's hand-shucked! HA! I thought it would be a fun way represent the Bill Murray theme. 

For the Fox theme, I found a picture of a really cool black line tattoo on Pinterest and drew a similar design on the card. I then filled it in with watercolors to pump up the vibrancy. 

Both cards are done on hot-press watercolor paper - it has a much smoother surface so it's good when you're also using pens or colored pencils in the piece. They are standard ATC size of 2.5" x 3.5".

I'm planning to swap in next month's ATC exchange too. I feel so much better when I'm making things and this is an easy swap to keep my artsy-fartsy side motivated. Plus, I'm getting to start my own collection of ATCs from other crafters! 

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