Braidsmaid Shawl

I recently made Martina Behm's Braidsmaid shawl for a swap and fell in love with the pattern. It was really fun to knit - just the right balance of ease and interest. It's mostly garter stitch so limited purling is involved. Phew.

I added a full repeat of body pattern I, making the shawl wider and longer...and using up quite a bit more yarn! I like the resulting size though. It's big enough to really curl up in.

The yarn I used a silk blend yarn from Manos del Uruguay. It was a delight to work with!! It has a soft and shiny texture but still feels cozy and warm.

I usually don't like knitting the same pattern more than once (just like I don't watch movies more than once :)) but I think I'd make an exception for this one. I want to make one for myself!

Seattle in a Box

I recently swapped with a crafty friend from the Netherlands. One of my favorite things about international swapping is learning and sharing more about each other's hometowns so I wanted to include something to represent my Seattle pride!! This little matchbox is what I came up with.

Of course the outside had to have some painted raindrops! The inside is filled with a collection of things that I associate with the city. They are handdrawn doodles with some water color accents.

I hope my swap buddy enjoyed learning a bit more about my hood!