Making My First Dotee Dolls Was a Hoot!

Have you heard of Dotee dolls? I've seen them on Pinterest and around Craftster but have never made or collected my own, until recently!

Here's a good description of what the dolls are...

A Dotee Doll is a simple handmade cloth doll, usually about 4 to 6 inches in height. It is generally just a simple soft sack body with no arms or legs, and a drawn or embroidered face - but this simple body is your canvas to embellish to the limits of your imagination! 

I participated in a tiny bird swap and my partner is an owl lover and dotee collector so I figured it was a good chance to try my hand at the craft. These little hooters were the result!

I made them both out of linen fabric. I painted designs on them and then added embroidered details for extra texture and interest. The wings are made of wool felt and were sewn to the body with buttons. Little beads were used for final embellishments!

I don't have a single inch of wall space available to start my own dotee collection but I can see why people get addicted to making them! They are fun to put together.

I didn't follow all of the "rules" for making these dolls but I think that's kinda the point - so I'm guessing I won't be ticketed by the dotee police anytime soon :).

Hope 2016 is off to a good start for everyone! 


azteclady said...

Long time no 'see'!

I hope this new year has brought you only good things so far, and if so, may it continue!

As usual, you make such lovely things. And no, I had not heard of these dolls until just now. Interesting.

OnePerfectDay said...

These are so cute! The green one is my favourite!

Anonymous said...

Adorable! I love the combo of paint and embroidery, and then embellishments. There are no creativity police, just people to lift you up until the winds of creativity get under your wings let you soar on your own. Thanks for the lift.

liniecat said...

You cant go wrong with owls!
Ive several ive made for Christmas in white fur but they seem to say out throughout the year too, too cute to store away.
Yours are delightful, maybe you could find room for a short banner with them on!