Succulent Sleeping Bag

I had a lot of leftover wool felt after the journal cover I made recently. I decided to put it to good use to make a sleeping bag for one of my succulents :). You know, cause they like to be warm!

I used this felt storage bin for inspiration but mine is much much smaller. I also added some simple embroidery stitches for extra pizazz!

It fits a small 4oz glass jar, which seems to work well for little house plants like this. It could also store jewelry or spare change or keys or whatever!

Here's a picture with my hand for scale.

I think I'd like to try to make some larger sized versions of this in the near future. I have plenty of felt for it!

Thanks for checking out my silly succulent sleeping bag :). 


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Mary Mac said...

So very cute, love this idea.

Anonymous said...

Cute! Your choice of embroidery color and design is perfect for the felt. Lots of possibilities for creativity with this idea. Great for covering up not so beautiful jars and pots.