Practicing Hand Lettering - Universe Themed ATCs

Three weeks into the new year and so far I've stayed committed to my goal of learning hand lettering skills! I'm practicing almost every day in my sketchbook and have completed a few projects. I have a long way to go but I'm seeing little improvements.

These are some ATCs I worked on this past weekend, inspired by how magical the universe is.

I made these on cold pressed watercolor paper but I realize now that hot press is much better for hand lettering since it has less texture. I picked some up and am hoping to make some more lettered ATC this weekend!

I also made this ATC as a reminder to keep trying, even when I feel like I suck :).

As much fun as I'm having working on lettering, I need to dedicate some time to working on my other crafty goal of learning to sew clothing soon! I have a couple of classes queued up on Creative Bug to help get me started.


azteclady said...

You are way too hard on yourself--and those are so nice!

(I love Carl Sagan--have you seen the Symphony of Science "We are all connected"?)

Mary Mac said...

Well done, love the bright bold colors.

dragonswing said...
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Jessica said...

They're lovely, Mareth :) (And now I've got a new word!)

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