Birds on a Wire

I made these goofy little bird clips for a recent swap and kind of fell in love with their frayed imperfections. They have personality!

Once I started putting them together, I had a hard time stopping. They were fun and quick so I could have easily ended up with a whole flock of these in my craft room.

Each bird has a small clothespin glued to the back so they can serve a purpose in addition to looking cute. I sent them all attached to a piece of twine thinking it could be hung and used for displaying notes or children's art or perhaps Christmas cards this time of year!

I didn't take in-progress pictures as I was making these little guys but I've written out materials and instructions below in case anyone is in need of some feathered friends.


- Small fabric scraps
- Small scraps of batting
- Craft felt
- Craft wire
- Embroidery floss + needle
- Clothespin
- Glue
- Sewing machine + thread

  1. Draw a simple birdie shaped pattern onto a piece of paper and use it to cut your fabric scraps and batting. Reverse the pattern and use it to cut the fabric for the back sides of the birds. 
  2. Layer your cut fabric so it's back side + batting + front side. 
  3. If making a profile of a bird, cut your felt into a small triangle and place it in between your layers. 
  4. Use your sewing machine to sew around the outside of your bird a couple of times. You can tell from mine that perfection is not important at this step. 
  5. Cut out a wing or two and sew them to the bird. If you're making a front-facing bird, cut and sew your felt beak on now too. 
  6. Use your embroidery floss to make french knot eyes for your bird. You could also use seed beads! 
  7. Shape your craft wire into bird legs. I gave my birds 3 little toes but I can't comment on whether or not that is anatomically correct :). 
  8. Glue your wire legs on the back side of your bird and place a small piece of matching fabric over the top. 
  9. Glue your clothespin to the back and enjoy your new friend (or flock of friends)!

And now I must retreat back to my craft room/holiday workshop!! Just a few weeks until Christmas and SO much left to do!! Hope everyone is enjoying the season and wrapping up your holiday WIPs!

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Flaming Nora said...

Oh these guys are so cute. I am with you on the so much to do so little time scenario!