Kiss. Love. Laugh. Craft.

It was a crazy summer. Some good crazy, some bad crazy but either way, I am welcoming the dark rainy days of autumn in Seattle with open arms. Hello fireplace, sweat pants, hot toddies and guilt-free afternoons hiding in my craft room. Oh how I missed you.

I thought this adorable cross-stitch pattern by SatsumaStreet was the perfect way to kick-off a season full of crafting... and hopefully plenty of kissing, loving and laughing too!

When I've been in a crafty slump, I find that projects with somewhat prescriptive patterns can help break my creative block. That was the case with this design - it was just what I needed to get my mojo back.

I turned the completed piece into a project tote bag. Ordinarily I'd pair a bright design like this with a simple linen fabric but I I decided to turn up the volume and go with something bold instead! It will be a great splash of color on dreary winter days.

I sent this to a friend but if I had more patience for cross-stitch, I'd love to make one for myself too. As it was, I only had the crafty fortitude to finish these 4 words!

I'm raising my glass (of hot toddy) to toast to a season full of creative inspiration and productive hands! Cheers and happy crafting!!


Memories for Life said...

Glad to see you're back to crafting :) The bag turned out great. But I hear ya...cross stitch is SO time consuming!
Cheers (with my glass of wine) :)

Tahnee said...

Great way to start of crafting season, I'm saving that pattern to make as well, looks great! Love the colourful letters and you've done such a neat job.

Flaming Nora said...

I am loving the idea that the crafting season is now open! Hurrah!!