Floppy Sloppy Grocery Bag Journal

I've always been interested in trying book binding and I finally took the leap with this project! It turned out floppy and sloppy but I kind of love that about it.

I used a great tutorial for putting this together that can be found on Judy Wise's blog, here. I also watched about 1,800 coptic stitch videos on YouTube.

This required a whole stack of grocery bags which I've been hoarding under the kitchen sink for months. To get the folds out of the paper and to achieve the messy crinkled look, I soaked the bags in water, squeezed them into balls then flattened and hung them to dry outside. Once dry, I ironed them flat before folding them into signatures.

There are a lot of plain pages that can be used for art journaling but I'm partial to the pages that have little tattoos of where they originated from.

Coptic stitch was new to me. My execution was a bit (a lot) messy but it ended up fitting with the sloppy look so let's just say that I meant it to be that way, shall we?

I embellished the cover with stitching, buttons and a piece of linen that I stamped with my simple house stamps.

I want to make 100 more of these! Unfortunately, I'll need to wait until I can replenish my grocery bag hoard. Seattle charges $0.05 per bag so they are a hot commodity around these parts!


Flaming Nora said...

Looks like loads of fun. Have been wanting to try it my self for ages. Was thinking of using old envelopes cut open and trimmed to size. Trying to not buy supplies when I start a new project and just recycle old stuff. We shall see how it works out!

Natashalh said...

This little book has so much character! It's funny - I live on Oahu and only a couple stores charge for bags, but grocery stores, WalMart, etc. are required by law to charge on the other Hawaiian islands.

SheLovesToCraft said...

I love this project! Too bad I didn't hoard paper bags before they started charging ten cents for them!