Good Grief - It's Peanuts Peanuts

Between starting a new job, finishing construction on our home addition and a fun (but busy) social calendar, I haven't had much time for crafting lately.  I did manage to carve out a few hours to participate in the annual Craftster April Fool's Day prank though! Every year, on April 1st, Craftster is transformed into a new site to prank members. Catster, failed project features and craft compound plans have all taken over the home page in past years.

This year, Craftster went NUTS, highlighting nut and squirrel themed projects, changing moderator names and giving every member a new legume-themed avatar. This silly project was my contribution to the fun. 

These are peanuts painted in the likeness of Charles Shulz Peanuts cartoons!

I painted them with skin tones and the colors of their usual outfits. Once that had dried, I used a micron pen to add the details. 

I hot glued them to buttons so that they could stand up on their own. 

To help make the characters feel at home, I painted a background scene on watercolor paper - complete with Snoopy's dog house!

I'm glad I was able to join in the Fool's day fun this year. Who knows, maybe I'll continue adding to my Peanuts Peanuts... great pumpkins, sad Christmas trees or even a psychiatric booth for Lucy! 


Flaming Nora said...

Oh my goodness, so very funny!
Glad you are back. xx

Özge Başağaç said...

This is a genius and lovely idea :) I adored these...Thank you for sharing.I will try it at home.