Mid-Century Modern Holiday Pillow

First and foremost, HAPPY 2014!! I hope you had a marvelous holiday season and I truly wish you only good things for the year to come.

I have to admit, on the morning of the 26th, our Christmas ornaments were packed up, our Santa decorations went back in their boxes, the wreath was crammed into the yard waste bin and the pine scented candles were retired for another year. I love celebrating the season but once it's over, I'm done.

For those that feel the same way that I do about the holiday hoopla, let me apologize for sharing an Xmas'ish project in January. I promise to delay any further Christmas posting until December 2014.

This is a pillow I made for a swap partner who shares an appreciation with mid-century modern designs.

The design was inspired by an art print I found on Pinterest. I painted the white trees and rocks onto a piece of linen and then stitched on the pine trees using felt and embroidery floss.

I framed the linen piece with black fabric and then added the red circle fabric to make it a little more Christmas'ey feeling :).

This was a fun project to work on and I like the way it turned out. It was a little hard to send off because it happened to match our living room chairs quite well! It eventually made it to it's new home and was well received and that's what Christmas is all about!


Fifi said...

Looove it
Bravo...so delicate

Flaming Nora said...

Ooh Hello! Good to see you are still about! Lovely cushion.

Anonymous said...

I love this pillow! Beautifully executed.
Not sure we share the same views of Christmas; I like to savor it a bit longer after Christmas day, when I can relax and really enjoy it. Advent is too frantic. I also like the traditional Christian idea that the twelve days of Christmas are "Christmas tide" with Twelfth Night as the culmination of the holiday. But I can still understand the urge to pack it up and move on. Your pillow could certainly stay out for the winter months and look cheerful in an understated way. You need to make one for yourself! Thanks for the inspiration.

azteclady said...

Happy new(ish)year!

It's very pretty. I love pretty much everything you make, it's so delicate.

Memories for Life said...

Great design...I love the mix of hand painted and sewn trees.
I'm playing catch up with a few Christmas posts still too :)

Jessica said...

Love it. I love how it's quite detailed yet still so simple. Nice job. :)

Ruby Murray said...

Gorgeous design, I would totally have this around the house all year.