Birthday Book

Thank you to to everyone that provided ideas and suggestions for what to do with the paintings I made for my neighbor's birthday!

With your help, I managed to finish the birthday book for my neighbor's son just in time for the celebration!

I turned the paintings into a little accordion book! For the covers, I glued dictionary pages to cardboard and painted a watercolor and acrylic background to look bubbly. I added a number 2 to celebrate Jordan's second birthday!

I mounted each of the paintings onto the card stock that I had painted a black checked border on. I mounted that on a bright colored construction paper for an extra pop and glued them to the accordion pages.

Based on your tips, I decided to make the book in a way that it could also be displayed on a shelf. The accordion style works perfectly for that!

I got some nice reviews from Jordan's Mom this week and that makes me very happy :).

I've been so enjoying painting and paper crafting lately. My craft room is a disaster but I think that's a good sign!