...With a Little Help From my Friends

I need some help, friends!

Our neighbors have a sweet boy, Jordan, who is turning 2 in a few weeks. For his birthday present I painted 4"x4" squares with a sea creature corresponding to each letter in his name. I had originally thought that I'd bind them into a book (somehow??) but now I'm not sure.

Do you think I should try to figure out a way to mount them together? What about an accordion style book that could also be used as a display?

You are all so clever! I would love to hear your thoughts or ideas for the best way to finish these mini paintings because I'm STUCK!

J for Jellyfish

O for Octopus

R for Ray

D for Dolphin

A for Anemone

N for Narwhal

Thank you in advance for what I'm certain will be wonderful suggestions!!


lewmew said...

I like the accordion book idea. Or how about a frame with six cutouts?

Karin @ Leigh Laurel Studios said...

Accordion book would be nice, but if you want to display them... either a horizontal or vertical frame or you could create a banner by stitching across the tops.. or.. you could mod podge them onto a board painted some fun color that could be hung or displayed.. but what a cool gift! The octopus is my kind of guy!

azteclady said...

I like the accordion book idea, and you can actually "frame" each letter/painting in the book itself i you give yourself some space in the hinges between each letter. When open, it could be hung or otherwise displayed, and later one, when he's older, it can be closed and tied or secured as a keepsake.

Jenny said...

those are adorable! I think having them displayed somehow would be nice. Maybe mounted on squares of wood or else hung together on a ribbon.

Flaming Nora said...

I Like the idea of them all being mounted seperatly on to blocks of painted wood. Then they can also be a toy that he can have fun spelling out his name with. They look fantastic, wish some one had made something like this for my boys!

Duni said...

Those are gorgeous! I love the sea creatures :)
I like Karin's idea of making a banner by threading them on a ribbon!

meet.make.laugh. said...

Could you somehow turn them into a bunting that could be hung on the wall? That could be cool! ~Stephanie

Skwishee said...

If you're going to make a book out of them, I agree, the accordian style would be nice. They're so lovely though, they really should be up a wall. It would look great in one long black/dark wood frame with cream matting.

They're really, really lovely, Mareth!

Skwishee said...

uhm... up *on* a wall, that is. *ahem*

Christi Conley said...

I see a shadow box type of frame, with the letters nicely displayed and then a bunch of cute plastic sea creatures attached to the frame, or inside, or whatever - and maybe you could make him a simple plushy to go with it so he'd have a toy and this awesome art :)They are too beautiful to be hidden ~

Gaby said...

I totally adore these; what a lovely gift! Please don't even consider binding them in a regular style book. They need to be displayed for everyone to admire :) (I quite liked the blocks idea suggested above, or the framing/ framed accordion book).