Knitting Outside the Lines

Has it really been 2 months?? I'm sorry for being officially MIA. Real life has been all consuming recently and it's completely zapped my creative mojo. I've been trying to rediscover my crafting energy lately by participating in low key swaps and helping out friends with their handmade endeavors. I'm finally coming around.

With the rest of my life requiring constant planning, list making and coordination,  I'm finding that I'm attracted to unstructured projects that allow my brain to wander a bit. These little socks are a perfect example of crafting outside the lines :).

I made them with some of the zillion balls of Cascade 220 I have floating in my yarn stash. The pattern is just a basic worsted weight bootie sock that can be found here. It was a fun and easy project to work on, just what I needed!

I made them for a scrappy friend who likes scrappy socks. She suggested that I could have even done a 3rd sock in this style. Since they don't match, why even knit an even number of them?? I should have thought of that before I sent them off :).

Even though real life me has been consumed with work and other obligations, I have managed to have a bit of fun too. Here's some proof of that!

I made a new set of friends in India. Can you tell that I stuck out a little bit in Delhi?

I've spent some good quality time with my wonderful husband, Jake.

I've celebrated Mom's Day and Dad's Day with the neatest parents in the world! (My Mom looks so tiny next to Jake!!)

I've even had a chance to enjoy some of the baby animals at my parent's hobby farm. Including this silly baby gosling who sticks his neck up so far when he drinks water that he sometimes tips over backwards!!

To be honest, I've been avoiding coming here since I've felt guilty about not creating anything and about disconnecting from the online world for a while. It feels great to be crafting and writing about crafting again though. Composing this post is giving me a little creative boost!

Life is good and I'm looking forward to catching up with my online friends. Thanks for being patient and understanding with me. I hope all is well with you and yours!