Homestead Tote

I made this little tote for my friend and fellow Craftster moderator, Missing Willow.

We're sending two packages to each other in our version of a popular Craftster swap called, "Make a Friend". We're sending one package that is all about ourselves. The idea is to share more about our lives including favorite foods, hobbies, where we live, etc. The second package will be focused on our partner and will be based on all of the fun things we learned about each other in package #1! This Homestead Tote was recently delivered as part of my first package to her.

You might be wondering what that odd paint blob is on the tote and what does it say about me. Well, that blob is a silhouette of the island I grew up on in the Puget Sound. It is a beautiful place and, while I wouldn't have admitted this when I was 18 and dying to get to the big city, it was the perfect spot to grow up.

While I haven't lived there for 15 years, it remains an important location for me. My parents live in the same home I grew up in (marked by the red felt heart on the tote) and I'm fortunate enough to have close island friends that I've known since preschool. Jake, the dogs and I visit as often as we can and always appreciate the slower pace of life, the sense of community and the lack of traffic noise :).

I was happy to share a little more about myself with my swap partner and now with all of you!

I hope you're all well! Things at the day job are really picking up so I might be a bit more scarce than usual for the next few weeks. I'll be popping in as much as I can though. Have a great week!