Backwards Ninni Monster

I recently discovered Ninni Monsters thanks to a couple of Ninni craft swaps that Leslie organized. The monsters remind me a bit of Ugly Dolls and just like Ugly dolls, there is something endearing about them.

When I saw this pattern on Pinterest, I knew I had to make one. It looked so easy... and it should have been :).

While I was working on this project, I was also enthralled in the documentary The Happy Movie (which I highly recommend) and didn't notice that I had sewed my poor Ninni's eyes to his feet instead of his face!

The narrower pointier bits are supposed to be his monster ears/antennas but they are serving as skinny little legs for my Ninni.

Oh well, at least he's still smiling!

This backwards Ninni went to kittykill and she is a very sweet person so I know she'll love him despite his wonkiness :).

I'll pay more attention to my Ninni's construction next time. I plan to make a couple of them for my little cousins this Christmas. They really are simple to put together and are a great project for using up fabric and felt scraps. 

Thanksgiving Place Cards

Hello and happy Monday! I'm over at The Lovely Cupboard today sharing a tutorial for making personalized Thanksgiving place cards. They double as appreciate pockets that are filled with 'thank you' messages. Drop by and check them out.

Thanks for stopping by!

Let's Be Outlaws

In my last post, I mentioned the Naughty and Nice swap I participated in recently. You saw the nice and now for some naughty!!

My partner likes cowboys (who doesn't, really??) so I came up with a silly idea to make her a dirty talkin' cowboy of her very own.

I cut one of the scantily clad men from the Alexander Henry, Pin Up Wranglers fabric line, stitched him to a piece of fabric and framed him in an embroidery hoop. I added a running stitch border around the outside of the hoop for an extra detail.

To make him talk dirty, I stamped a number of different cowboy sayings onto white fabric. I stitched that to black craft felt in the shape of a speech bubble.

I stitched a small piece of velcro (the loopy side) onto the hoop fabric. The felt on the back of the speech bubbles sticks really well to this but can also be removed with a gentle tug and easily swapped out with the naughty saying of your choice.

I giggled the whole time I was making this :)!

I wrapped it, and the rest of the swap goodies, in a simple cowgirl tote that I made with denim and cowgirl pin-up fabric.

The tote pattern is from the book, Sew What! Bags. It's one of my favorite patterns because it's a great size, easy to put together and it's reversible!

Giddy up and have a good week!!

Woodland Doll

I made this doll for my dear friend Pam (aka KittyKill) for a naughty and nice swap that some of the Craftster moderators participated in. It was a secret swap so she didn't know that I was crafting for her or what good and evil goodies I was creating! She's received now and despite my attempts at being sneaky, she figured out it was from me :). I'm terrible at surprises!

I purchased the pattern from an adorable shop on Etsy called Noia Land. The pattern was very well written and easy to follow. She has some seriously adorable dolls in her shop like this squishy little mermaid. I'll definitely be making more.

My only complaint with the doll is that her head is very wobbly, despite the 100s of little stitches I added. I might add a wire or pipe cleaner between the head and the body when I make another one.

I used wool-blend felt purchased from Giant Dwarf for this project and DMC embroidery floss.

Thanks for stopping by. Happy Friday!!

Fabric Friday!

Work has been pretty nuts the past few months but we successfully hit a big milestone last week so I decided to take today off and celebrate with a little "me" time :). After a few hours of cuddling with the puppies, lazily sipping coffee and getting sucked into a Snapped marathon on the Oxygen network, I finally got dressed and headed to the fabric store for a little shopping!

I found this fabric right away and snatched it up! I only got a yard because it's on the spendy side but I just adore the print, the colors and the canvas texture.

On my way to the register, I looked down to admire my new treat and noticed that my nail polish color looked fun with the fabric!! Off I went to find a solid cotton that matched my polish. It's a color combination I never would have thought of if it weren't for this happy accident.

I have no idea what these fabrics will become. They might just stay uncut in my craft room while I admire them :).

In case anyone is interested, the fabric is Melody Miller, Ruby Star Shining and the nail polish is Essie, Tart Deco.

Have a great weekend!