Matchbox Coinkidink

My friend Leslie, from Leslie's Art and Sew, recently sent me two of the adorable felt heart scissor fobs  she made as part of her goal to sew a heart every day for a full year.

I wanted to send her a little thank you gift so I put together this matchbox. I covered it in an old book page, decorated it with paper and a stamped label and then glued on a teeny paper clay house (more on that later).

The inside contains a special note that completes the message!

Leslie and I both like making felt badges so I tried to make the heart look like a miniature badge. It's two pieces of felt stitched together with 1 strand of embroidery floss.

The little house on the front was made out of paper clay. I've only just started experimenting with paper clay but it's really fun to work with! I've sculpted and painted a whole pile of little houses.

So what's the whole coinciding about?? Well, I was browsing Leslie's 365 Sewn Hearts blog yesterday (before she had received my little gift) and saw that she had just made a matchbox too! Not just any matchbox though, it was one covered in book pages and filled with a heart, just like the one I had made for her! What are the chances?!

Check out the adorable matchbox she made below. She also posted about this fun coincidence on her blog! Pop by and read her side of the story.

Leslie and I are going to be doing a blog swap next month that I'm super excited about so stay tuned for that!

Thanks for the fun mini swap, Leslie!


Zakka Life said...

That is quite a coincidence! Great minds think alike ;)

Don't you just love paper clay? I'm always amazed at how light it is.

The little houses are darling.

GirlieBlogger@Beauty Fashion Blog Seattle said...

Really cute boxes. They are great.
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Allegory said...

So adorable! I love seeing the things you work with on a small scale. They've always got such an impact.

Leslie Andersen said...

Your tiny houses are just too cute! Great picture with them on a quarter. I am inspired by this to try paper clay myself!

I'm thrilled with my matchbox, thanks so much! It was so fun to open the package and discover the surprising coincidence!

Anonymous said...

How cute! I love it. What a funny coincidence too:)

Trekky said...

That tiny felt heart is soooo sweet!

Kira - said...

So cute! It makes me want a whole tiny town of houses. The matchbox is delightful.

Kate Wyver said...

This is so so pretty, and such a sweet thank you present!

Audry said...

Gosh, I love seeing matchboxes being embellished. My Mum once made a bunch that had a little dioramas in them.

Artes da Mel said...

Ooooo que lindo, muito fofo, adorei!!! Gostei muito do seu blog, já estou seguindo!!!

Gaby said...

Gorgeous! I cannot wait to try and make some of these :). Thanks for sharing!

QuirkieCraft said...

I'm so in love with those tiny houses! You inspired me to make my own! =)