Crafting, Keepin' it in the Family

I come from a pretty crafty family. My parents are both former elementary school teachers that ooze creativity. Dad tinkers with all kinds of crafty projects and my Mom is a great artist. My paternal Grandma was an avid crocheter and my Aunt Cheri is an awesome knitter! My cousin Carrie creates amazing quilts, by hand!! I like to think it's in our blood :).

Today, I want to brag about my crafty Uncle Jim and show off the wonderful handmade gift he gave Jake and I for a housewarming present.

Uncle Jim took up wood working several years ago and has become a master with the lathe. Over the years, he's made me all kinds of awesome gifts including; bracelets, wine stoppers, pens and even a duck call! His latest creation is my personal favorite, salt and pepper grinders! Aren't they lovely?

The wood grain is just so beautiful. I wish I could remember what type he told me it was.

The tops incorporate some other fancy wood so you can tell the salt from the pepper.

Thank you, Uncle Jim! We love our handmade gift.

Hopefully I'll have a chance to feature the crafty work of some of my other family members soon.

Thanks for dropping by. Have a great week!


GirlieBlogger@Beauty Fashion Blog Seattle said...

Super cute shakers. Yup, your uncle is certainly a crafty one.
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katiecrackernuts said...

What a beautiful thing to have and to know it was made for you with love.

Kira - said...

They're gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

Those are so gorgeous! How lucky you are to have so much crafty blood in your family!

Pam Fields said...

Mareth, What a wonderful legacy to carry on in your family. You do your part so well. :)

Both my grandmothers were huge influences for my crafty life. They both quilted and one was an amazing seamstress. She was also an embroiderer and crocheted. I often thought there was anything she couldn't do.

I love the grinders. The wood grain is just beautiful. :)

ruby murray said...

Nothing more beautiful than wood grain, and what a clever chap your Uncle is. Sounds creepy now I think of it but I would want to keep touching them, in a completely-wholesome-and-entirely-not-creepy-just-appreciating-nature-kinda-way :/