Happy 4th of Julyuary!

Tomorrow will be the first official holiday we've spent in the new house. We're still a bit too busy and frazzled to really decorate but I wanted to create something for the front exterior to show some 4th of July spirit.

I created these simple paper garlands to celebrate the holiday. I used some of my punches to stamp out a whole load of paper circles. I put a piece of bakers twine between two shapes and then glued the sandwich together. I repeated this process along the twine until I reached the length I wanted.

I thought it would look really cute and simple to string the garlands across our exterior entryway. It was the perfect spot.

Unfortunately, this is what's happening in that perfect exterior spot right now. Rain! Pouring rain! And wind!! What the heck, summer?? Where are you? This is January weather.

I made some adjustments to the length so it would fit across the top of the door instead. It's not exactly what I was going for but it will do!

Happy 4th of July to all of my stateside friends and anyone celebrating abroad! Have a safe and happy holiday.


Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Well, it may not be the look you wanted, but it is too darned cute!!

I'm in Northern Indiana and we are in a heat wave/ almost draught situation with no end in sight.

Red Rover, Red Rover, send your rain right over!!

Happy 4th.

Heather Hands said...

Happy 4th of July. I hear the weather is supposed to be nice in Seattle this week. Fingers crossed.

Leslie Andersen said...

Sorry about your rain, but that garland would be cute anywhere!

Pam Fields said...

Love the garland! I am amazed that you were able to complete a project so soon after moving. :) Our 4th was spent lazing about. It was so nice to have a day at home. Well...that is after Stan rode his bicycle in a 66 mile ride.

waggonswest said...

Very cute. Feel free to send the rain on. We could use some around here!