Felt Giveaway!!

I was just at my computer giggling to myself. Jake asked me what was funny and I told him "I'm funny" and shared the line I planned to start this post with, "I felt like doing a felt giveaway today!"

He didn't laugh. I'll toss the cheesy line out but I'll keep the giveaway!

In the past year, felt has become one of my favorite craft mediums to work with. I really fell in love with it when I got my hands on some wool felt. The colors are so vibrant, it's a natural product, it doesn't pill and it holds up great when stitched!

To share the love, I'm giving away a stack of 60 4"x4" pieces of 100% wool felt! This bundle has every color you could ever need and the size is perfect for embroidery projects or felt badges.

Want to win this pretty pile? Just leave a comment telling me about a felt project you've made or would like to make. If you are a follower, leave two comments and double your chances to be victorious!! Please be sure to include a way for me to reach you. I will be randomly selecting a winner on Saturday July 7th.  

Not into felt? Don't worry. I have another giveaway planned that might be more up your alley. Stay tuned!

Oil Cloth Picnic Placemat Tutorial

Another one of my contributing posts went up at The Lovely Cupboard today!

Drop by and check out my tutorial for oil cloth picnic placemats! Just in time for summer :).

Happy Friday!! I hope you have a spectacular weekend!

Howdy Neighbors

Our new community is so fantastic. We have one of the best bakeries in Seattle around the corner, one of my favorite breakfast spots down the street, amazing pizza just a few blocks away, a dog friendly pub within walking distance and, best of all, great neighbors!

I wanted to do a little something for all of the friendly folks that have stopped by to welcome us so I tapped into my stash of painted driftwood cottages and made these "howdy neighbor" door'naments.

I had Mr Lime help me drill holes into the driftwood houses since I'm afraid of power tools :). I created cards to go along with the houses and strung a piece of bakers twine between them both. I'm adding personal notes to the front along with our contact information.

I wanted our neighbors to know that they are always welcome to stop by if they need anything so on the other side of the card, I glued a small paper bag and enclosed pieces of cardboard with suggestions of things we could offer.

I have a few more to put together and then we'll be walking the block and looping them around our neighbors doors. The picture above is our door since I didn't want to freak anyone out by standing on their doorstep and taking photos!

I'd love to hear suggestions for other neighborly offerings!

Impractical Craft Book Organization

I have so many fun projects rattling around in my head that I'm excited to share with you! Unfortunately, I haven't had any time to actually work on them lately. The move is coming along though and I think after another weekend of unpacking, organizing and building shelves, we'll be pretty close to settled.

I thought I'd take a quick break to share the utterly absurd way in which I decided to organize my craft books :). It looks cute but it's totally impractical. I'm an admitted a-type and having my knitting books mixed in with sewing books, mixed in with embroidery books is making me bonkers!! I know that the first time I go to reference a pattern or get inspriation from my books, I'll be lost and will end up pulling everything out and reordering them. I'll enjoy the pretty rainbow while it lasts though.

Miss you guys but I'll be back soon! Stay tuned for some crafty projects and a giveaway (or maybe even 2!!). 

Washi Tape Clothespins

Apologies for not being around much lately. Jake and I are up to our eyeballs in moving boxes! We're slowly getting settled though and I expect life will be getting back to normal soon.
In the meantime, how about a project so simple even someone in the midst of a move can do it?

Clothespins are so functional and cheap. We use them for everything from holding bills, to clipping chips and adorning gift boxes. Adding a piece of washi tape takes them from drab to fab in seconds flat!

Carefully stick your washi tape to the top of your clip, making sure to avoid any bubbles or creases.

Turn the clothespin over and use a sharp blade to trim away the extra tape along the edges. On the front side, you can also slice away the piece of tape covering the metal spring. 

Now clip away with your new fab clothespins! Glue magnets or thumbtacs to the backs to make them even more functional around the house.

Thanks for dropping by! I look forward to catching up with you all once my head is above water again.