Hexagon Monogram Tutorial

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Yesterday I let the cat out of the bag about the Elmer's Master Crafter campaign I was lucky enough to get to be a part of over on Craftster. Today I'm sharing one of the projects I made with the fun products I received!

I adore all of the hexagon quilts I've been seeing around lately. While I'd love make one of my own, my quilting skills aren't up for that challenge. Instead, I made a simple paper version over this wooden monogram!

I started with a 9" wooden letter that I found at the craft store.

Next, I cut 1" strips of craft paper using the X-ACTO paper cutter I received. I used coordinating papers from a collection but I think random colors and patters would also look great too!

I found a 1" hexagon pattern online, printed it and glued it to a pice of light weight cardboard to make a sturdy template.

Once I had my template and all of my strips ready, I cut and cut and cut and cut hexagons in all kinds of colors and patterns. I used an X-ACTO knife but scissors would work just as well. I would estimate that I needed about 50 hexis for this size letter.

When I had a whole pile of hexagons, I started gluing them to my letter. I took each hexi and rubbed it all over the top of my Elmer's glue stick to quickly and easily cover the entire shape.

One by one, I glued and then stuck the hexagons in a row, being sure I was alternating the colors and paper patterns. I attached the shapes right over the edges knowing I could clean that up later.

When the entire letter was covered, I flipped it over and used the X-ACTO knife and cutting mat I received to trim off the overlapping hexagons. This gave the edges of the letter a nice clean look.

Now I just need to find somewhere to hang it!

Keep an eye on Pam and Kira's blogs too! They were part of the series and I hear they will be sharing more about the experience on their blogs soon. You can see all of the amazing projects that were created over on Craftster. Swing by!


Leslie Andersen said...

Wow, you cut out all those hexes! It looks wonderful!

ruby murray said...

Love love love this, I've been wanting to try a hexagon quilt project but way too lazy for all that sewing, now paper is something I get involved with, I can see one of these in baby G's nursery very soon!

Suzy said...

I love this do much!! It really looks fantastic!

Suzy said...

I hate auto correct on my phone. So not do. Silly phone.

rubyslipperz said...

Did I already say...that YOU are a CLEVER girl? Well, it bears repeating fur shore!!!

There are some cutters that will cut multiples of hexies at once...and...I can see this even done with fabric hexies, glued on and maybe, decopage?

GREAT inspiration...yep that's YOU =)

Nancy said...

How fun! I love this idea:)

Meredith said...

I love it, Lime!

Suzy said...

*this is a test! I think I got it!*

Brenda said...

LOVE! Great work!

Zakka Life said...

Great craft and tutorial! And I love the colors/prints you chose for the hexagons.

Pam Fields said...

I love this! It is so fun. Pinning this under Letters, Numbers & Names oh my Pinterest Board. :)

CraftyLikeLindy said...

Love it! What patience you have to have cut all those hexes out!

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