English Muffin Bread

When I saw this English Muffin bread recipe on Pinterest today, I headed straight to the store to pick up some rapid rise yeast!

I really enjoy baking but I usually make sweet goodies like cakes, pies and cookies. I haven't had great luck with bread in the past but this recipe seemed so simple and delicious that I just had to give it a go. I'm so glad I did. We're having bread for lunch and dinner tonight!

This recipe was so easy and only required 5 ingredients (and one is water so that hardly even counts!).

Here is the timeline of my bread baking adventure;

10:30 AM - So inspired by Pinterest post that I actually got off the couch and went to the store for yeast
11:00 AM - Mixed all of the ingredients in the biggest bowl I had in the house
11:07 AM - Filled greased loaf pans with sticky gooey dough and set aside to rise
11:42 AM - Confirmed dough had risen enough and loaded pans into oven
12:15 PM - Checked oven obsessively
12:17 PM - Checked oven obsessively
12:18 PM - Checked oven obsessively
12:20 PM - Temporarily removed loaves, smothered with butter and put back in the oven
12:28 PM - Pulled out loaves and cooled where the great danes couldn't reach them (top of the fridge)
12:39 PM - Overheard husband saying, "holy sh*t, this is the best bread ever"

So, from the couch to a very happy hubby in just over 2 hours. Not bad!

Thank you for the fantastic recipe, Jill!


Hey Mickey said...

Ok have pinned this to try out asap (cant quite manage your 2 hour record!) - looks and sounds delicious!!

rubyslipperz said...

This looks really yummy! Thanks for the info! I also went to Jill's link and found something else really cool! A cleaner called the "barkeepers friend". It also looks very interesting.

Blog surfing can really get me into trouble =P


Angie said...

That looks so good! I think I may just try that tomorrow...

Leslie Andersen said...

With such high praise from your husband, I think I need to try this bread for my family!

Brenda said...

YUM. Get in my belly!!!

Anonymous said...

Sounds excellent!

kittykill said...

Now I definitely have to make it! It looks wonderful.

ruby murray said...

Yumola, must try this

Angie said...

Guess what found its way to my doorstep yesterday. :D Thank you so much! I'm so excited to try all of it!
I used one of your pictures when i blogged about it. I hope that's okay.

Alex Porter said...

Hey Lime Riot Girl :)

My boyfriend made this last night and it's DELICIOUS!

We had trouble getting it to brown on the sides. Maybe it was too high in the oven, but do you have any tips?


waggonswest said...

Thanks for sharing this one. I'm always looking for good bread recipes.

CraftyLikeLindy said...

I have been wanting to try this recipe out too! I may have to pick up the yeast on my way home today!