Baker's Twine Wrapped Eggs Tutorial

Despite the fact that an inch of snow fell at our house last week, I'm still ready to welcome the change of seasons and celebrate the spring holidays!

I got a jump start on decorating this year with these simple baker's twine wrapped eggs.

You just need a few supplies to make these; baker's twine, hard boiled eggs and a glue dot runner.

I recommend using a hard boiled egg for these unless you like to live dangerously and want to risk using an uncooked egg. In order for the glue to adhere to the egg, you'll want to make sure that it's completely dry and at room temperature.

Start by running a row of glue dots all the way around the egg. Look closely at this picture and you can see the light blue glue dots!

Now, simply wrap your bakers twine around the egg on top of the row of glue dots. The glue will be strong enough to hold the twine tightly in place but not so sticky that you can't lift off the twine and reposition it if needed.

Start on either side of your first row and lay down another stripe of glue dots. Wrap your twine around that stripe and repeat the whole process again and again until your whole egg is covered!

When you get to the top (and bottom), stripe the glue back and forth then cut your twine a few inches long. Carefully cover the remaining area by winding your twine in concentric circles.

I want to make a whole vase full of these. Of course, it's going to require that I buy additional colors of baker's twine. Oh darn.


Jenny said...

Those are so cute! I may have to make some :)

Angie said...

How cute!

rubyslipperz said...

Really cute idea!!! My imagination is taking yarns...braided pearl cottons...


Karen said...

hooray for spring! those are awesome. my family in the nw is teasing me about all the unexpected snow they're getting. hope you're enjoying it :D

Tutus & Tea Parties said...

I love bakers twine! Great eggs. :)

I would love for you to link up and share:

Heather {The Lovely Cupboard} said...

Oooh, these are so cute. I've got some twine that might make its way out of the craft drawer soon.

Found you via Craftgawker.

Brenda said...

LOVE these! Great idea!

Kelsey said...

I want to feature these on an easter egg roundup I'm doing! Please email me and let me know if this is ok at!

Anonymous said...

Great idea but I would use styrofoam eggs instead of hard boiled.

Lemanie said...

Wow this is so different!! I love it!!! I think I may do this for my centerpiece! You should put this on Pinterest!! =)

Lemanie's Randomness Blog

Megan {Honey We're Home} said...

Love this! Just repinned it! Happy Easter!

Anonymous said...

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