Another Shawl on a Fence

I've been busy knitting shawls lately and I've realized that the only place in or around the house large enough to photograph them is the fence in the backyard. Yet another reason why we need a bigger house!

This is a very simple shawl using a combination of garter and stockinette stitch. It's modeled after the Simple Yet Effective shawl pattern available on Ravelry but I (accidentally) didn't follow it exactly. It's made with Noro yarn which really does most of the work. I alternated between two skeins every 4 rows to get the striped look.

So here it is, another shawl on a fence.

Stay tuned for the next episode of Knits on a Fence :)!


Judy said...

I love this! I really wish I could knit like that! I look forward to more "fence" posts!

Anonymous said...

Love it! You're a busy bee over there!

kittykill said...

Gah! Can I just bottle you up? You are so talented.

Anonymous said...

Mareth Ann!! I didn't know you had a blog! So fun to see all your amazing creations!! When I get back from Kenya and finih residency (ie have more time) will you please teach me some of your skills!! Also, Per and I would love to have you and jake over for dinner some time. I get back in mid may! hugs to you, jake and all the pooches. I love seeing all your amazing talent here!! Paula