Stamping on Fabric Tutorial

If you've poked around on my blog much you probably know that I'm a little obsessed with stamped fabric. I love the touch of personalization it adds to any handmade item, like this simple tissue holder. Today, I'm sharing the technique I use for stamping!

Start with your supplies; a set of alphabet stamps, permanent ink pad and the fabric you want to stamp on.

When making a sewn item, or plan to embroider or add other embellishments to stamped fabric, ALWAYS stamp first and sew later. You don't want to spend hours making something only to goof it up with a misplaced letter.

Consider the layout of the fabric and mark where you want the lettering to show up in its final state. If you're making a sewn item like this, put the pieces together loosely so you can determine where to stamp. Be sure to add space for any seams!

Before you stamp on your cut fabric, do a bit of practice. Get a feel for how the ink looks on the fabric you're working with and how much pressure you should apply.

I like to lay out the letters in advance so I can stamp a letter and move right on to the next. I think it helps to get in a rhythm.

Stamp straight down and directly onto the pad. You want the letter to be inked but not the corners of the stamp. I like to press into the pad 3 times using medium pressure.

Every alphabet stamp set will be a little different so practice how far apart you want the letters to be. I align the left side of the square stamp with the right side of the previous letter. If you want to keep things nice and tidy, use a ruler and disappearing pen to draw a line on your fabric. Use the mark to keep your letters vertically aligned. I don't usually do this because I generally like more of a wonky look.

Use medium pressure and go straight up and down when stamping.

If you press too hard, you risk picking up ink that may have wound up on the corners of the stamp. If you press too lightly, you won't see your letters and it's hard to re-stamp cleanly.

Once you're done stamping, you can go over your letters with a permanent marker to fill in any areas that are too light or unclear. I use a fine point Sharpie marker.

Sew your final piece together and enjoy!! You can wash fabric that has been stamped with permanent ink but I would not recommend using this technique on something that will be washed frequently as the letters will fade pretty quickly.

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rubyslipperz said...

this is theeee CAH-YOU-est leeetle kleenex holder I've seen! "acho"...that's soo cute.

I've wanted to stamp on fabric for YEARS...and, have not done it. Why? I dunno...cold feet, I think.
But, you make it look so easy...maybe I will try. I've wanted to make my own fabric with the large decor stamps and haven't done that either.

Do you prefer the "Staz-on" brand of ink? And, what about heat that important?

thanks for the great pics/tutorial


Tina said...

What a great quick tutorial! We tend to forget about our stamps when playing with fabric. Next time I need to make a gift, I think I will keep this in mind. Thanks!

LimeRiot said...

I hope you both try it. I know you'd create something simply lovely!

I really like the Staz-on brand of ink. It smells pretty awful but it seems to work the best for fabric. I don't officially heat set but I usually end up ironing whatever I've stamped for other purposes so I guess I kind of heat set :). I think as long as you're not going to wash frequently, the heat setting shouldn't be a big deal.

Leslie Andersen said...

Thanks for sharing this!

Knickertwist said...

Very cute!

Angie said...

You make me want to stamp. Everything you do is just so cute.

suzy hausfrau said...

Thanks so much for this. I made some of these tissue holders as gifts years ago...they were received so well. I'd love to redo them and copycat you!

And I'm a stamp novice, so this post has been very helpful.

Anonymous said...

What a cute idea, I'll have to try it!

Lorena // gemagenta said...

thank you for sharing!
now I want a stamping kit!

Darcy said...

Oh my GOSH! This post just makes my heart sing at the thought of allergies and colds. Who would have though that possible?
Thanks so much for sharing!

Tanya from Dans le Townhouse said...

This kleenex pouch is perfect. The lettering, the colours, the idea - everything is just right. Great project!

SharronA said...

What kind of paint would you use to stamp words onto black cotton fabric? I'm looking for a subtle (even transparent) look for the background of a large applique. THANK YOU!