Personalized Pet Collar Cozies with Tutorial!

TheMistressT, over on Craftster, recently threw an adorable birthday party for her dog. She made dog collar cozies for the party-goers that I had to recreate for our pups!

I personalized my version a bit and took pics throughout the process so I can share how I made this simple project with you all.

Start by measuring the your pet's collar. Measure the length between the tag ring and the clasp, 8.25" in this example. For the width, measure at the widest point of the clasp.

Personalize your cozie by stamping your pet's name on a light colored fabric. I use StazOn ink for stamping on fabric because it's permanent and can be washed. Always stamp first and sew later in case you goof up.

Add 1" to length of the collar you measured earlier and about 3/4" to the width and cut your fabrics. Opie's collar measured 8.25" x 1" so I used the following measurements for my pieces.

Back Piece: 9.25" long by 1.75" wide

Front Pieces: Since I did a patchwork front, I cut front pieces 1.75" wide and long enough that, once sewn together, it would equal >9.25". Don't worry about being exact because you can trim it to the right length later.

If you're doing a patchwork front, sew the pieces together with right sides facing.

Trim your front piece to the appropriate measurement, 9.25" in my case. Now, fold over the end 1/4", press, fold over another 1/4" and press again. Top stitch to hide the raw edges and repeat the process on all 4 ends.

Pin the right sides together and sew down the length of both sides of your collar cozie.

You'll now have a nice long tube ready to be turned right side out. To do the turning, tie a piece of string or ribbon to a safety pin. Feed the pin through the tube and clip it to one of the short sides. Now, pull the piece of string until the cozie is completely turned.

Give the finished cozie a press, feed your pet's collar through the tube and you're done!!

I plan to make these for all of our pups plus some holiday "xoxo" versions for Valentine's day.


rubyslipperz said...

This is a great tutorial of a GREAT idea! These would be much softer and more flexible than many of the collars in the stores.


PS...I haven't forgotten to post about the wonderful giveaway that I won. It's coming. =)

Tania said...

Our dog is still recovering from that winter when I crafted her a jumper. She didn't have a lot of street cred that season. Now a collar cosy on the other hand...(!)

And This Little Pig said...

Looking good Opie, your mother spoils you.
LiBBiE in Oz

Anonymous said... follower here. I'm also a contributing editor for A Little Etsy Love ( and wondering if you'd like to share this awesome tutorial as a guest blogger on our site. Email me at if interested!