Follow Your Heart Valentine

I'm doing a Valentine's Day swap with some of the other moderators over on Craftster. We're exchanging cards and an optional extra goodie. I decided to combine the card and the extra!

I stamped linen with the words "follow your..." then sewed it to a natural colored card with my sewing machine. I stitched up a small felt heart ornament and tied it to the front in a way that it can be removed and hung elsewhere! Together, the card reads, "follow your heart." A nice Valentine message if you ask me. 

Here are a few in-process shots. 

Happy heart day to you and your loved ones!

And don't forget, you still have a couple days to enter my Kids Knit Giveaway. I'll be picking a winner on Saturday.


Girlie Blogger said...

These are adorable. You are so creative.

kittykill said...

I'm so lucky that I received one of these. It's sitting on my mantle right now.

Leslie Andersen said...

So cute!

Troublet said...

I love my card and ornament. You rock Lime! :D

susan ab said...

totally totally wonderful!
what is it about a beautifully executed blanket stitch that makes me always go, "awwww!"

Anonymous said...

Those are so gorgeous, I love them!!!