Giveaway Reminder & Gratuitous Cuteness

Reading about all of your great holiday traditions is really getting me in the spirit!! Keep 'em coming because you have one more day to enter the Panta Giveaway! I'll be randomly selecting 2 winners first thing Sunday morning (PST).

While we wait, why don't we enjoy some pictures of our wienie dogs (Beatrice and Opie) in hoodies?

Wait a minute!! Those aren't wienies!! It's Quigley and Allie, our goofy great danes who barely fit in their hoodies.

Happy Friday!! 


QuirkieCraft said...

omg they are so hilarious and cute!!! Love it!

kittykill said...

You are killing me! So stinking cute!

Turtle said...


Vic said...

Ahhh, a sausage in a hoodie... anything cuter!

I just popped over to tell you that you are a "no reply blogger". Did you know? The horror!!

Vidya said...

aww... cuteness.. ould love it if you could check out my blog :)