Panta - A Headband or A Christmas Panda?

I was chatting with my friend and fellow Craftster mod, Troublet from The Trouble with Crafting. She makes adorable felt ornaments so when she said she was making a "panta" I was certain she was whipping up a Panda Santa!

Come to find out, a panta is actually a knit or crochet headband. I had no idea.

I thought my image of a panta was more fun than a headband so I decided to bring the vision to life.

Here he is! In all of his Panda Christmas glory. Ready to delivery toys and candy cane bamboo to all of the baby pandas of the world. I hope the spirit of the Panta catches on!

Special thanks to Troublet for inspiring this craft and coming up with the peppermint bamboo idea!


Ganz und Garn said...

Love, love, love it!!!! Even the word "Panta" is art!!! Greets Martina

Troublet said...

This piece always makes me giggle! :D

Knickertwist said...


spidermom said...

omigooodness i can't explain how much i love this sooooo cute!!!!

Christina said...

How funny and sweet! :)

Vixie said...

I love Panta! I have included him in my favourite things of the week:

Vixie xx