Effortless Giving - Scissor Fob

Here's another idea for a simple stocking stuffer!

This is a fun treat for your crafty pals but really, doesn't everyone need scissors?? And more importantly, a cute reason not to misplace those scissors?!

This was made with felt, embroidery thread and a bit of pearl cotton floss.

I stitched the pink elephant onto a piece of grey felt, layered it with another piece of grey felt and then cut around the outline. Next, I looped the thread through the scissors and then glued it between the felt layers. I left a tail with the unfinished ends. I then did a simple whip stitch around the layers of grey felt. Lastly, I covered the unfinished floss ends with 2 more pieces of felt, stitched around the outside and glued on a button as the final accent!

Super easy and too cute to lose in the bottom of your sewing basket or the back of your junk drawer!

Check back for more gift ideas this month and a giveaway at the end of the series!!


Anonymous said...

Love this fob! I made several beaded ones Sunday and told DH that I still had one naked pair of scissors. I might need a felted one for that!
Cute idea!

Jensters said...

Wow this is so cute i love elephants too so a bonus....wonderful blog too, so am now a new follower.