Panta - A Headband or A Christmas Panda?

I was chatting with my friend and fellow Craftster mod, Troublet from The Trouble with Crafting. She makes adorable felt ornaments so when she said she was making a "panta" I was certain she was whipping up a Panda Santa!

Come to find out, a panta is actually a knit or crochet headband. I had no idea.

I thought my image of a panta was more fun than a headband so I decided to bring the vision to life.

Here he is! In all of his Panda Christmas glory. Ready to delivery toys and candy cane bamboo to all of the baby pandas of the world. I hope the spirit of the Panta catches on!

Special thanks to Troublet for inspiring this craft and coming up with the peppermint bamboo idea!

Leg Warmers or Boot Snuggies

These chunky cabled leg warmers made for a fun autumn project! I used Lion Brand Wool-Ease Thick and Quick yarn and some wood buttons I scored on sale.

When not being worn as leg warmers, they can double as snuggies for your boots (as demonstrated by my favorite model below)!!

Effortless Giving - Scissor Fob

Here's another idea for a simple stocking stuffer!

This is a fun treat for your crafty pals but really, doesn't everyone need scissors?? And more importantly, a cute reason not to misplace those scissors?!

This was made with felt, embroidery thread and a bit of pearl cotton floss.

I stitched the pink elephant onto a piece of grey felt, layered it with another piece of grey felt and then cut around the outline. Next, I looped the thread through the scissors and then glued it between the felt layers. I left a tail with the unfinished ends. I then did a simple whip stitch around the layers of grey felt. Lastly, I covered the unfinished floss ends with 2 more pieces of felt, stitched around the outside and glued on a button as the final accent!

Super easy and too cute to lose in the bottom of your sewing basket or the back of your junk drawer!

Check back for more gift ideas this month and a giveaway at the end of the series!!

Effortless Giving - Embellished Journals

I'm already starting to think about quick and easy gifts for the holiday season! I like to have plenty of stocking stuffers on hand to share with friends, family and co-workers.

Over the next month, I'll be sharing some ideas for little presents that can be whipped up in no time! They won't require much effort but like any handmade treat, they'll make a big impression.

Let's get rolling with this idea for an embellished journal.

This gift can be made in no time flat and it will appeal to just about everyone! We all need a place to store lists, ideas, quotes or other special thoughts. They are easy to personalize or they can be stamped more generically for your on-the-spot gift needs.

I like to keep these Moleskine journals on hand because they make a great canvas for creative embellishments!

For this set, I used coordinating washi tapes to add a splash of color. I stitched 1.5" felt circles on top of the tape with my sewing machine and then glued on a matching button. I stamped linen fabric to add a touch of personalization, cut the names/words out with my pinking shears then stitched them to the cover.

Voila! Lovely and useful gifts in 15 minutes or less!