Slurpees vs Wedding Cake

We recently received copies of or our official wedding photos! We are really happy with them and wanted to share!

We were married on July 11th (7-11) and 7-11 just happend to be giving out free slurpees. Given that we were in 105 degree Vegas heat, we couldnt resist.

We also made a trip to the Bellagio during our Vegas photoshoot adventure.

Our favorite stop was the Neon Boneyard where we spent over an hour snapping shots amongst the retired neon lights of Vegas.

We had so much fun with our photographer, Brian Saccules. Seeing these photos brought back wonderful memories of all of the love and laughs we shared on our special day. We will cherish these shots for years to come.


Vic said...

Aw they're so sweet & YOU MY DEAR ARE GORGEOUS!! Simply stunning & crafty too... no wonder you're married. ;)

jeyanthi said...

lovely pics of cute couple. congratz!

Vicki said...

Awww your wedding photos are so beautiful!! What lovely happy pics :)

Brenda said...

These are SO great. Can't wait to see more. LYMI