Doxie Club House Sign - kEEp oUt gREat DAneS

This is Opie and Beatrice. They got a new clubhouse for their upcoming 2 week slumber party with Grandma and Grandpa while Mom and Dad are off getting married.

They were having loads of fun playing with toys, chewing on bones and smelling eachother's butts until the local bully showed up to crash their party.

"What can we do??", they thought. They thought about this question for a long time because they are not very smart and ideas come slow. Finally it struck them!

They set to work making a sign!

After stitching all night, in their best handwriting, they hung-up the sign and went back to their wiener ways without fear of being interrupted by any more thugs.

The end. 


Okay, the truth is, Opie and Beatrice had some help making their new sign.

I wrote the words with my left hand so they looked sloppy and then transferred them onto the fabric. I stitched them up with 6 strands of DMC then sewed it to another piece of fabric with nice heavy interfacing in between. I did some decorative stitching along the outside with my machine and added some buttons.

I originally had a ribbon going between the top buttons to hang the sign but it made it a bit floppy. I decorated a tiny clothespin instead and used that for clipping the sign to their house.

Thanks for looking!


Brenda said...

Cracking so funny, and so so cute! LYMI.

Vic said...

*dies of cute*

Kathleen said...

Aw, they're adorable! My brother and sister in law have 2 doxies who we love. They're cute dogs.

Jane S. said...

Your wiener kids are so cute! They have such a lot of personality packed into just a little bit of dog, don't they?