Cross-Stitch Pillow

I love making throw pillows. They are such quick and easy projects and you can make them extra special by incorporating a little cross-stitch or embroidery!

I made this one for a recent swap partner and if we didn't have dogs that were convinced all throw pillows were their personal toys, I'd want to make a couple to decorate our couch!

I cross-stitched the design on 14 ct Aida and then sewed it to the blue, green and linen fabrics I had picked out. I used big seam allowances when I stitch the Aida because I was afraid it might unravel. I finished it off with a nice button closure on the back!

Thanks for looking!


Karen said...

I dig the color choices. Another impeccable job, Lime!

Shirley Tener said...

I love Cross stitching and if I dont stitch everyday, I am sad. I really love this pillow too.

ruby murray said...

So gorgeous, and am I right in thinking this flower pattern came from Rainbow of Stitches? I'm so into Cross Stitch at the moment, there's nothing like it for relaxing, it's impossible to rush it (and be neat)