School Bag

School bag...get

I made this fish tote for a recent swap partner. The fish were inspired by a project in the book, Scandinavian Stitches. The bag is just a simple lined tote with nice long straps. I had a great time digging through my scraps and picking fabrics for this project! I used a linen fabric for the exterior, which explains all of the wrinkles. The other fabrics are all quilting cottons.

Thanks for looking!

Sheldon the Flashing Turtle

I've always wanted to make this adorable knit stuffie so when I noticed a recent swap partner had Sheldon on her wish list I couldn't resist!

The pattern is not too difficult although I did have a tough time with the attached i-cord. I ended up just knitting the i-cord and sewing it on. I opted for non-traditional turtle colors because being weird is always more fun. He's bigger than I expected with a finished size of around 10" long.

And here's Sheldon coming out of his shell and flashing the entire world wide interwebs!!

A Sublime Lime Sub

This idea came to me when I was laying awake in bed the other night and I just couldn't resist stitching it up.

I'd like to do a whole series of lime inspired play-on-words hoops!

Cross-Stitch Pillow

I love making throw pillows. They are such quick and easy projects and you can make them extra special by incorporating a little cross-stitch or embroidery!

I made this one for a recent swap partner and if we didn't have dogs that were convinced all throw pillows were their personal toys, I'd want to make a couple to decorate our couch!

I cross-stitched the design on 14 ct Aida and then sewed it to the blue, green and linen fabrics I had picked out. I used big seam allowances when I stitch the Aida because I was afraid it might unravel. I finished it off with a nice button closure on the back!

Thanks for looking!

Felted Ashling Tote

I made this little felted tote for a recent swap partner.

I used the Ashling Tote pattern and Cascade 220 yarn. The embroidery was inspired by the book, Doodle Stitching. I had fun with it!

It was a pretty quick and easy project but the bag is on the small side. If I were to make it again, I'd probably lengthen the straps just a bit.

Here's a pre-felting shot...

Thanks for looking!

Felt Embroidery Tutorial!

I've really been enjoying working with felt in my embroidery projects. It's fun, looks cute and it's quick!
I thought I'd share my process for creating a felt hoop with you all!

First, here's the finished product...

I start my felt hoops by sketching out the design I want to make. Google image search is great for finding clip art outlines to use as a starting point for the sketch.

Then I trace each of the individual pieces of the sketch onto trace paper. You can see in this pic that I've broken apart each piece (ear, leg, body,etc) of the little ellie.

Next, I cut out the traced pieces along with the felt piece. When it comes to felt, I like to use "fancy felt" from the lovely Etsy shop, Giant Dwarf.

Then I put all the pieces back together again and place them on the fabric I've selected. I like putting the hoop on at this time so I make sure the design fits well within it.
I use a fabric glue stick to attach all of the felt pieces. This keeps all the tiny bits from slipping or falling off when you start stitching.

Now it's time to stitch! I use 2 strands of DMC and a whip stitch around the outside of each felt piece. I go up through the fabric and then down through the felt. This keeps the felt fuzz to a minimum.

Once you've got everything tacked down, you can embellish the design with additional stitches, buttons, stamps or whatever!

Now, all that's left to do is sit back and enjoy your new hoop framed embroidery!

I hope someone finds this useful! Let me know if there are any questions!

A "Green" Calendar

I saw this pattern in the book I Love (heart) Patchwork and fell head over heels for the concept of a perpetual calendar. Not only is it cute but it's green (in more ways than just the color)! This calendar can be used again and again, year after year, eliminating the need to purchase paper calendar.

The calendar base came together pretty easy but the fabric covered buttons were a bit of a pain. It was fun picking all the fabrics though! I used twill tape for the months and my trusty alphabet stamps for all the letters and numbers.

It wasn't until I put all the numbers on for June that I realized not every month has 31 days. Derrr. Unfortunately I was out of fabric covered buttons so I just used a normal button as filler. Can you spot it?

I think it would be fun to make some additional buttons with stamps of crowns to mark special birthdays or little gifts to mark holidays!

A Simple Hoop

I was flipping through a craft magazine the other day (darn, I don't remember which one!) and saw something similar to this. I thought it was so sweet and I loved how they had used alphabet stamps for the quote. So I made my own version!

I think it's in a 7" hoop, the fabric is linen and the birdie is made from wool felt. It's simple but that's kind of the idea :).

I'm planning on doing more stamped embroidery pieces soon despite the fact that I can't stamp straight. I actually like how the quote lettering turned out a bit wonky. Gives it character!