Felted Stained Glass Noro Bag

I was in a Be Awesome swap a while back where our challenge was to create one awesome thing for our partners. I decided to make this felted bag because I think it's awesome!

I used this felted stained glass bag pattern and one of my favorite yarns, Noro. It was so fun to work this project and see how the colors of the yarn changed from one beautiful shade to the next.

Once I got the rhythm of the pattern down, it was pretty easy - just a bit time consuming. The biggest challenge I had was with the hundreds of yarn ends that you end up with!!

Here are some in-progress shots.

The dreaded yarn ends!!! This was a shot of the inside of the bag before I wove in every single stray end. 

It's always a little scary to throw something you've worked on for hours and hour into the washing machine for felting. Fortunately, it came out even prettier than it went in!

After washing, the bag sat on a mold (made of a soup pot and plastic bags) for a few days to take shape. I added felted i-cord straps and lined the bag with a black cotton fabric.

Thanks for looking!


tcmatteson said...

Wow! That turned out absolutely fabulous! I love the color pallet you went with for this! I hope you can get lots of enjoyment out of it :)

LC said...

Oh my gosh that turned out so pretty!! It reminds me of that children's book The Rainbow Fish.

Kira said...

Amazing AND gorgeous, Lime! So good, so so so good!

CraftyLikeLindy said...

That bag turned out gorgeous!!! It is for sure awesome!

Karen said...

Dang! That is amazing! I love Noro yarn too... just so expensive. But you really did the yarn justice by creating such a lovely piece.

Dawl said...

wow Lime, that is awesome ! I even have a bag like that on my Pins :)

LimeRiot said...

Thank you all for your nice comments!