Embellished Felted Bowl

I generally don't like crafting something more than once. I also don't like watching movies more than once, cooking the same recipe twice, taking the same trip a second time, ... you get the idea.

There are a few exceptions to this rule and felted bowls are one of them. I love making these and continue to enjoy the process along with the final product.

For this bowl, I used double-stranded Cascade 220 in a nice moss green color. Once the knitting was complete, it went into the wash along with a pair of Chuck Taylors for extra agitation. I left the bowl on its mold (empty pickle jar) for about 3 days to let it dry completely. I gave the bowl a haircut with a sweater shaver to clean up the frizz.

I wanted to jazz it up a bit so I added some blush pink buttons and a bit of embroidery.

This is going to a swap partner but hasn't been sent off yet. I hope she's not peeking!!

Stay tuned for another felted project that I've almost managed to finish!


Troublet said...

I love how that bowl turned out! The buttons are a great touch too. :)

What are Chuck Taylors?

Judy said...

I love this bowl!!! It is beautiful and I would love one pinning this for sure!