Driftwood Cottages

For Mom's day this year, we went to Pt. Townsend and did some beachcoming. Inspired by this post by Alisa Burke, I sent Mom, Dad and Mr. Lime on a mission to find flat pieces of driftwood shaped like houses. We managed to gather a nice big pile and Mom was gracious enough to carry them all back to the car in her giant rain coat.

Once home, I washed them in a bleach bath and let the pieces dry out in the sun. As soon as all the damp smelliness was gone, I went to town painting a town! I used acrylic paints and Sharpie markers for the outlining and details. I plan to also seal these with matte varnish.

These are for a swap partner but I'm not sure what they will become yet. I painted about 30 of them and I'm thinking of either a wreath or maybe lining them up on another piece of driftwood to be used as garden art. I'll share the final product here once I decide what to do.

Here are some in process shots!

This project has been so fun! I definitely plan to raid my parent's beach for more driftwood next time I'm home!


Jaclyn T said...

LOVE these! I'll have to be on the lookout for similar-shaped pieces of driftwood next time I beach comb.

Rachel said...

I've been wanting to do these ever since I saw that blog post. Beautiful job, Lime!

Karen said...

Awesome! It just so happens I'll be at the beach this weekend... I know what I'll be lookin' for. Can't wait to see the finished product!

Kira said...

OMG, Lime, I LOVE these!!!! Seriously, so cool.

Anonymous said...

These are too lovely too stand!!