Embellished Felted Bowl

I generally don't like crafting something more than once. I also don't like watching movies more than once, cooking the same recipe twice, taking the same trip a second time, ... you get the idea.

There are a few exceptions to this rule and felted bowls are one of them. I love making these and continue to enjoy the process along with the final product.

For this bowl, I used double-stranded Cascade 220 in a nice moss green color. Once the knitting was complete, it went into the wash along with a pair of Chuck Taylors for extra agitation. I left the bowl on its mold (empty pickle jar) for about 3 days to let it dry completely. I gave the bowl a haircut with a sweater shaver to clean up the frizz.

I wanted to jazz it up a bit so I added some blush pink buttons and a bit of embroidery.

This is going to a swap partner but hasn't been sent off yet. I hope she's not peeking!!

Stay tuned for another felted project that I've almost managed to finish!

Driftwood Cottages

For Mom's day this year, we went to Pt. Townsend and did some beachcoming. Inspired by this post by Alisa Burke, I sent Mom, Dad and Mr. Lime on a mission to find flat pieces of driftwood shaped like houses. We managed to gather a nice big pile and Mom was gracious enough to carry them all back to the car in her giant rain coat.

Once home, I washed them in a bleach bath and let the pieces dry out in the sun. As soon as all the damp smelliness was gone, I went to town painting a town! I used acrylic paints and Sharpie markers for the outlining and details. I plan to also seal these with matte varnish.

These are for a swap partner but I'm not sure what they will become yet. I painted about 30 of them and I'm thinking of either a wreath or maybe lining them up on another piece of driftwood to be used as garden art. I'll share the final product here once I decide what to do.

Here are some in process shots!

This project has been so fun! I definitely plan to raid my parent's beach for more driftwood next time I'm home!

Embellished Notebook Cover with Tutorial

I love making lists and I'm constantly in need of notebooks to keep track of my various going-ons. I like using the old marbled black and white composition notebooks because they are cheap and available everywhere.

I like to make felt covers with button and embroidery embellishments to dress them up a bit. It's a fun and easy project and you can use the cover again and again as you fill up notebooks and get new ones!

Want to make one??
Gather up your supplies:
- Felt (I like to use wool but craft felt works too)
- Embroidery floss
- Buttons or other embellishments that you'd like to use!
- Embroidery needle
Cut your felt:
- Open your journal and the total width (front cover + back cover + spine) and add 1"
- Measure the height and add 1"
- Cut your main piece according to the measurements above
- Cut two side pieces ~"3 wide x the same height as your main piece 
Embellish (the fun part):
- Decorate the main piece however you want!
- I like to use my craft punches to make felt flowers, circles, stars and other shapes
- You'll have to press hard and quick to punch the felt but it makes a perfectly formed shape
- Attach your embellishments with embroidery floss
- Try adding buttons!
Put it all together:
- Once you finish your design, attach your side pieces by stitching around the entire cover with blanket stitch
- You can see the side piece attachment in this photo
You're done! Enjoy your fancy new notebook cover!

Perfectly Personalized Stamps

You may have noticed that most of the crafting I do is inspired by my swap partners. I wanted a fun way to personalize the cards that I send to my partners so I did a bit of Etsy shopping and was lucky enough to stumble across Green Garden Stamps

I had so much fun working with Jessica on these designs and I can't wait to start using them!! I wanted to show off how awesome they are and thank Jessica again for creating such perfectly personalized stamps for me.

This logo design was created for me by another wonderful Etsy member who is unfortunately not selling there anymore. I can't believe how perfect the stamp form of it turned out!!

I'm off to start stamping everything in my craft room!

Felted Stained Glass Noro Bag

I was in a Be Awesome swap a while back where our challenge was to create one awesome thing for our partners. I decided to make this felted bag because I think it's awesome!

I used this felted stained glass bag pattern and one of my favorite yarns, Noro. It was so fun to work this project and see how the colors of the yarn changed from one beautiful shade to the next.

Once I got the rhythm of the pattern down, it was pretty easy - just a bit time consuming. The biggest challenge I had was with the hundreds of yarn ends that you end up with!!

Here are some in-progress shots.

The dreaded yarn ends!!! This was a shot of the inside of the bag before I wove in every single stray end. 

It's always a little scary to throw something you've worked on for hours and hour into the washing machine for felting. Fortunately, it came out even prettier than it went in!

After washing, the bag sat on a mold (made of a soup pot and plastic bags) for a few days to take shape. I added felted i-cord straps and lined the bag with a black cotton fabric.

Thanks for looking!