Simple Knitted Gift Idea

Need a quick and easy knitted gift idea? How about a nice set of washcloths?

Hand knit washcloths knit up quickly and make a great gift when packaged with some yummy soap. They are sturdy and scrubby and can also be used for dish washing. I use Sugar n' Cream cotton yarn for my washcloths. It's washable, comes in loads of colors and it's cheap! This Double Bump pattern is my favorite because it comes out nice and square.

Add a ribbon and a nice handmade soap and you have a simple but lovely gift that anyone would be sure to enjoy.


Carol said...

Where is the pattern for the Double Bump washcloth?


Paula said...

Would it be possible to get the double bump washcloth pattern?

Jill Bailey said...

Umm, click on the double bump words that are highlighted... it's pretty much a waffle weave