Retro Camera Embroidery

I made this Polaroid camera embroidery hoop for a recent photography loving swap partner. I used this design with a few minor changes.

I tried a new technique for transferring the image that resulted in a few boo-boos that I'm not very pleased with. I traced the design onto very thin tracing paper then pinned that paper to the fabric and basically stitched over the whole thing. The idea was that when I finished, I could just rip the paper away and the stitches would remain secure on the fabric.

Unfortunately it caused some of the stitches to pull loose and also led to wonky lines where I couldn't see what I was doing under the paper, not to mention the fact that fully removing the paper was a giant pain in the a** requiring the tiniest tweezers I own.

Despite the challenges and imperfections, I'm still pleased with how the overall design came out. I think the background fabric worked well with the theme.


LC said...

Transferring is always the worst thing ever. I've tried carbon paper, that iron on paper, holding up to a window and tracing with a pencil and nothing seems to work for me, so I feel your pain on that. It looks great though and I love the fabric you chose.

AnchorsAway said...

That is adorable! I would love to stitch something like that on a bag!