Inchies or How to Destroy a Craft Room in 10 min or Less

I made some more inchies recently for the swap that started my obsession. My partner likes Paris, pretty things, gardening, fantasy and crafting of course :). I tried to incorporate these themes into the various sets I made.

I end up using materials from every corner of my craft room when making inchies... papers, paints, glitter, glue, magazines, books, markers, modge podge, stamps, punches... These tiny little things cause more craft room damage per square inch than any other! Here are some before and after pictures to prove it.

 And after the Inchie Apocalypse...

Itty Bitty Amigurumi

I previously shared Chicken Really Really Little. This is another installment of a tiny amigurumi project, Ms. Pear and Baby Crab Apple!

These little cuties were made with embroidery floss and a very small crochet hook (1.25mm). I actually had to make two of the little crab apples because our Great Dane, Quigley, swallowed the first one whole when I wasn't looking.

And here is a picture of the craft eater...

Bath and Body Craft...FAIL

I love handmade soaps, bath fizzies, lotions and lip balms. It's a craft I'm really determined to get better at in 2011.

Aided by the help of Bridgett and Claire, I made my first attempt at bath and body crafting a few weeks ago. We purchased all of the supplies to make bath salts, bath fizzies and candles figuring they would make great little Christmas gifts.

Well, they turned out looking great...unfortunately they smell terrible, like a 7-11 bathroom air freshener.

I think we really underestimated the power of the scented oils we added to the fizzies, salts and candles. Next time we'll be a bit more conservative with how many drops we add. Until then, these stinky little gifts will be hidden away deep in my craft closet with the hopes that after some time, humans will be able to be in their presence without passing out.