Morse Code Wrap Bracelet

My obsession with these wrap bracelets came just in time for this season of gift giving. They are stylish and fun to wear, they come together quickly and can be easily personalized.

This personalization idea came to me when I realized I didn't have enough beads to make a full double-wrapped bracelet so I needed to bring in some other colors. Rather than add them in a random pattern, I decided to use Morse Code to add secret dot and dash messages to the bracelets.

I made this one for myself. It has our initials, "J", "M" and "C".

This one says "CREATE".

These make great last minute gifts so if you're doing the holiday scramble like I am, give this project a shot!

Stay sane, friends!

Announcing our Panta Winners!!

I'm happy to announce two winners of the Panta Giveaway!

Our first winner will be receiving the Panta Hoopla and a brand new copy of the book, Cute Stuff! Congratulations to Danielle!!

Our second winner will be receiving a purple panta headband and a shiny new copy of the book, One More Skein! Congratulations to, rubyslipperz!!

Special thanks for all of the thoughtful comments that were left for this giveaway. I truly enjoyed hearing your holiday stories and traditions.

Happy season of the Panta to you and yours!!

Giveaway Reminder & Gratuitous Cuteness

Reading about all of your great holiday traditions is really getting me in the spirit!! Keep 'em coming because you have one more day to enter the Panta Giveaway! I'll be randomly selecting 2 winners first thing Sunday morning (PST).

While we wait, why don't we enjoy some pictures of our wienie dogs (Beatrice and Opie) in hoodies?

Wait a minute!! Those aren't wienies!! It's Quigley and Allie, our goofy great danes who barely fit in their hoodies.

Happy Friday!! 

Wrap Bracelet

I love the look of wrap bracelets but there is no way I'd pay ~$300 for an official Chan Luu.

I recently purchased some supplies to make my own (in my new favorite colors) and finally had a chance to sit down with them over the weekend. I used a tutorial that I found on youtube and was pleasantly surprised when I finished this in just over an hour!

It was so fun and easy! There are more of these in my near future.

UPDATE: Here are some other bracelets I've made this week. I'm obsessed!! At the rate I'm making these, I may just need to have another giveaway soon.

Don't forget to check out my Panta giveaway! I'm so enjoying reading about all of your winter traditions! Thank you for sharing. I'll be picking winners this weekend.

Season of the Panta - Giveaway!

To celebrate the season of the Panta, I'm hosting a new giveaway with two chances to win some fun prizes!

Giveaway #1!
Now you can celebrate the season of the Panta with your very own Christmas Panda! The winner will get my Panta hoop plus one of my favorite crafty books that inspires many of the silly things I make, Aranzi Cute Stuff!

Giveaway #2!
The winner of giveaway #2 will receive a knit headband, also known as a panta! It won't be this exact one but it will be nearly identical. In addition to the headband, I'll also send the knitting book, One More Skein, 30 Quick Projects to Knit.

Entering to win is easy! Just leave a comment about one of your favorite winter season traditions. If you are a follower, leave two comments to double your chances of victory!!

I will pick our winners a week from today on December 10th.

Happy Season of the Panta to all!!!

Panta - Headband or Christmas Panda? Part II

Last week "Panta" was a Christmas Panda but this week, it's a knit headband (the official definition of the word). While I really like this headband, I'll confess that it's not nearly as cute as a Christmas Panda.

I used Malabrigo worsted weight yarn and the Blue Leaf Headband pattern. It was a quick and easy knit. I'll be making one or two of these for myself as this one is being shipped off with a swap package.

Panta - A Headband or A Christmas Panda?

I was chatting with my friend and fellow Craftster mod, Troublet from The Trouble with Crafting. She makes adorable felt ornaments so when she said she was making a "panta" I was certain she was whipping up a Panda Santa!

Come to find out, a panta is actually a knit or crochet headband. I had no idea.

I thought my image of a panta was more fun than a headband so I decided to bring the vision to life.

Here he is! In all of his Panda Christmas glory. Ready to delivery toys and candy cane bamboo to all of the baby pandas of the world. I hope the spirit of the Panta catches on!

Special thanks to Troublet for inspiring this craft and coming up with the peppermint bamboo idea!

Leg Warmers or Boot Snuggies

These chunky cabled leg warmers made for a fun autumn project! I used Lion Brand Wool-Ease Thick and Quick yarn and some wood buttons I scored on sale.

When not being worn as leg warmers, they can double as snuggies for your boots (as demonstrated by my favorite model below)!!

Effortless Giving - Scissor Fob

Here's another idea for a simple stocking stuffer!

This is a fun treat for your crafty pals but really, doesn't everyone need scissors?? And more importantly, a cute reason not to misplace those scissors?!

This was made with felt, embroidery thread and a bit of pearl cotton floss.

I stitched the pink elephant onto a piece of grey felt, layered it with another piece of grey felt and then cut around the outline. Next, I looped the thread through the scissors and then glued it between the felt layers. I left a tail with the unfinished ends. I then did a simple whip stitch around the layers of grey felt. Lastly, I covered the unfinished floss ends with 2 more pieces of felt, stitched around the outside and glued on a button as the final accent!

Super easy and too cute to lose in the bottom of your sewing basket or the back of your junk drawer!

Check back for more gift ideas this month and a giveaway at the end of the series!!

Effortless Giving - Embellished Journals

I'm already starting to think about quick and easy gifts for the holiday season! I like to have plenty of stocking stuffers on hand to share with friends, family and co-workers.

Over the next month, I'll be sharing some ideas for little presents that can be whipped up in no time! They won't require much effort but like any handmade treat, they'll make a big impression.

Let's get rolling with this idea for an embellished journal.

This gift can be made in no time flat and it will appeal to just about everyone! We all need a place to store lists, ideas, quotes or other special thoughts. They are easy to personalize or they can be stamped more generically for your on-the-spot gift needs.

I like to keep these Moleskine journals on hand because they make a great canvas for creative embellishments!

For this set, I used coordinating washi tapes to add a splash of color. I stitched 1.5" felt circles on top of the tape with my sewing machine and then glued on a matching button. I stamped linen fabric to add a touch of personalization, cut the names/words out with my pinking shears then stitched them to the cover.

Voila! Lovely and useful gifts in 15 minutes or less!

Driftwood Advent Calendar

I'm participating in an advent calendar swap over on Craftster. After meeting my partner, I decided I wanted to make a driftwood village for her calendar.

I painted nearly 30 pieces of driftwood to look like little houses and trees. I glued clothespins to the back of each one.

Under all of those houses is a wooden thread spool rack that I painted. Mr. Lime helped me to saw the legs shorter and saw off the top row.

Then I punched out 3/4 inch circles and stamped them with the numbers 1 through 25.

I wrapped up each driftwood house and numbered the packages so that my partner can open a new one each day and slowly build her village through the month of December!

I had so much fun making this. I really hope my partner likes it!! 

Strange Things are Afoot at the Circle K

I've had a weird Bill and Ted brainworm recently and couldn't get this idea out of my head! Finally I just gave in and made it.

It's felt stitched to linen fabric and stamped with my trusty alpha letters! It turned out more "bogus" than "excellent" but at least I've rid myself of the brainworm.

In case you have no idea what I'm talking about...

Thanks for looking, dudes.

San Dimas High Football RULES!!

Christmas Kisses

I'm skipping over Halloween crafting this year and going straight to Christmas!

I recently saw an image of felt mistletoe on Pinterest and it inspired me to make this embroidered hoop. It's 4" and could be used as an ornament for the tree or could be hung in a doorway for sneaking Christmas kisses!

I also found yet another use for washi tape! I covered the outside of the hoop with a washi tape that is printed with old writing. I think it adds a nice detail to the otherwise simple hoop.

Ephemera Bookmarks

When I saw this post on Craftster, I knew I wanted to make my own ephemera bookmarks!

I cut some felt then dug into my giant tub of ephemera and pulled out some bits, bobs and buttons and started sewing and gluing. After an hour or so, this is what I had come up with!

Here are some close-ups.

These were both fun and fast! I'll probably make some more for little gifts. These will be sent off with an upcoming swap package.

Boy oh Boy Shower Invites

My friend Kelda is having her first baby, a boy!

Bridgett and I are throwing a little shower for her next month. We wanted to have a bright and fun theme, despite the fact that the weather here in Seattle is anything but. These are the simple invites I came up with to try to fit that theme.

I printed the white bits on my home printer and glued them to pre-cut turquoise cards. The pennants are made from origami papers and I stitched them on using my sewing machine. Lastly, I had to add a button because buttons make everything cuter!

I don't like plastering registry information on invitations. Instead, I made tiny little cards and slipped them into vellum envelopes that will get sent along with the invites.

I'll share some pics of the actual shower once it has come and gone.

I'm Dreaming of a Driftwood Xmas

This project has to remain a bit of a mystery because it's for a swap and I don't want to spoil any surprises. I won't tell you what it's going to become, I'll just share a preliminary photo and you can speculate for the next month while I finish it up!

These are made from driftwood pieces collected from my parent's beach on Vashon Island. The wood gets a nice long bleach bath followed by a few days of drying under the heater vents before it's ready to be painted with acrylic paints.

I have a whole batch drying under the vents as I type! I'm really hoping this project turns out the way I'm envisioning it. I'll keep you all posted!!

Dye Lot Disaster

I fell in love with this ruffled scarf the moment I saw it. I immediately added it to my knitting queue and hit the yarn shop to find the perfect fiber. I picked up some beautiful yarn called Organik and set to work on the pattern.

After a few hours of knitting, I reached the end of my first skein and added a second. After a few more hours of knitting, I stepped back to admire my progress and, to my horror, discovered this dye lot disaster!!!

That stripe you see is unintentional and caused by a simple mistake that I could have easily avoided. In my haste to get this yarn in my shopping bag and home to my knitting needles, I failed to check the dye lots on each skein. I ended up purchasing 2 skeins from the same colorway, but with different dye lots.

You can see from the above that variations between lots can be quite significant and can really screw up a project!

When purchasing yarn, be sure to take 30 seconds to match-up the dye lot numbers for all of the skeins you're buying. See that #073 below? That's the number you're looking for.

This is particularly important when purchasing kettle dyed yarn but even mass-produced yarns like Lion Brand can have variations. So don't be a dummy like me, check those numbers!

I'm not sure what will become of this project. I'm guessing it will stay in my WIP basket for the next 5 or 6 years.

Slurpees vs Wedding Cake

We recently received copies of or our official wedding photos! We are really happy with them and wanted to share!

We were married on July 11th (7-11) and 7-11 just happend to be giving out free slurpees. Given that we were in 105 degree Vegas heat, we couldnt resist.

We also made a trip to the Bellagio during our Vegas photoshoot adventure.

Our favorite stop was the Neon Boneyard where we spent over an hour snapping shots amongst the retired neon lights of Vegas.

We had so much fun with our photographer, Brian Saccules. Seeing these photos brought back wonderful memories of all of the love and laughs we shared on our special day. We will cherish these shots for years to come.

Cure for a Cold Neck

One thing is for sure, my neck won't be cold this winter. I can't seem to knit anything but neck attire right now! This is the latest in my growing collection.

I used 100% wool Taos yarn from Crystal Palace. The colors are so vibrant and fantastic. The pattern is called Mustard and it can be found on Ravelry for free! This would be great for a last minute gift because it takes less than a skein of yarn and knits up in half a day.


It's also a nice project for showcasing a favorite button. I picked up this little gem at my local yarn shop, the Fiber Gallery. The color matches the green hues in the cowl perfectly.