Countdown to Christmas

November is zipping by! In preparation for December and the countdown to Christmas, I made an advent calendar. I was inspired by this awesome idea on sweet paul.

I used match boxes, xmas papers, stamps, hot glue and some fun little trinkets!

I started by stamping all of the match boxes with the numbers 1 - 25. Next time I make one of these, I'll save the stamping for the last step so I don't smear any of the ink.

I decided to line each box with a holiday paper to make the calendar even more festive and finished looking.

Next, I glued together the outsides of the the boxes with hot glue. One row of 9, one row of 7, 5, 3 and 1.

Then I cut out the paper to wrap around each row. I scored the paper at the corners and hot glued it around the outside.

I hotglued each of the rows together to form the shape of the tree and added a button to the top.

Then came the fun part, filling each box with a little treats and trinkets!

Let the countdown begin!


Scandinavian Retro said...

nice-I like it a lot!

titaniumhip said...

That is awesome. I think I will make it for my nephew next Christmas!