Sock-O-Saurus Rex

I've always loved classic sock monkeys made from Rockford Red Heel socks. Does anyone actually wear these things or are they only used for making goofy stuffed monkeys?

Recently I've been experimenting with other types of socks and sewing techniques to create special critters. There are tons of great books available for inspiration. Stray Sock Sewing is one of my favorites so I thought I'd share a project I made from the book!

Meet, Sock-O-Saurus Rex! RAWR!

He's made from 2 rainbow toe socks, 3 navy dress socks, 3 white athletic socks and about 20 hours of sore sewing fingers.

I love the way his mouth turned out. He's all teeth!!


Brenda said...

SOOOO cute!

Tina said...

Love it! Looking to see if our library has this book.

mimibricole said...

well done... I love it!