Shakespeare vs Debbie Bliss

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

There was once a time when I filled my living room bookcase with works of Shakespeare, Conrad, Plato and Chaucer. But my days of pretending to be an intellectual ended long ago and now all of those books have a not-so-special place in the dusty bottom shelves of less prominent book cases.

These days, the books lucky enough to get a prime spot in the living room are all about, you guessed it, crafts! I have books about how to make zombie amigurumi, how to design and sew mini-quilts, how to make plush monsters, how to make polymer clay candy corn, even how to knit underwear. There isn't a day that goes by when I don't yank 4 or 5 books from the shelf and flip through the pages for inspiration.

I actually counted tonight and I have 94 craft reference books. That doesn't include any books I have out on loan to friends right now or the Blogging for Dummies book (that I should clearly be spending more time with). It also doesn't count the 2 books I just ordered from Amazon. Some might say that I have a problem.


Brenda said...

Of course you have 94 craft books! Love it. No doubt you will have one of your own one day. You are AMAZING friend.

Tina said...

There is no such thing as having a book problem...

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