Losing My Quilting Virginity

I'm working on my second quilt right now. It's going much smoother than my first attempt.

The quilt that's currently in my sewing machine is a gift and I don't want to post it until it's been completed and received. Instead, I thought I'd post some photos of my first quilt!

I made this for a friend's baby. I used the Oh, Frannson! Mixtape pattern. I loved the pattern and the very detailed instructions that came with it.

I AGONIZED over what fabrics to use. I probably spent over 4 hours in various craft shops deciding on the fabrics I wanted to work with. Once I had all of the squares sewn together I decided that I hated the colors and prints I chose. But thanks to the supportive online crafting community, I kept going.

I had a very hard time with the actual quilting process. When I was in the thick of it I swore to myself that I would never make another quilt. Can you spot the giant glass of white wine in this picture? That's the only thing that got me through.

By the time it was all over I was very happy with the result and glad that I had stuck it out.

I'm enjoying the process so much more the second time around!


Jake said...

ahh, yes, the first time...

Having seen this quilt in person, it turned out to be quite beautiful (even more so than in the pics). Yet another one of your crafts that I'd love to have!!

Brenda said...

My son Sam was the proud receiver. This is SUCH an amazing quilt. We use it all the time to cuddle Sam with. Thanks, Auntie Mareth!