Hand-Made Gift Giving

I love giving hand-made gifts. I love receiving hand-made gifts. Gifts gifts gifts presents gifts presents yay!!

Since I'm feeling particularly excited about hand-made presents tonight, I thought I'd share a couple of patterns that make wonderful gifts! Both of these are quick, easy and inexpensive so make up an excuse to give them! Perhaps your friends would appreciate a Happy Thursday present? Or Congratulations on Your New Sheets gift? Or a Thanks for Mowing the Lawn present??

First up, these wrist warmers from the book, Last Minute Knitted Gifts. I love this book but would argue that the title is false advertising. To make both of them usually takes me around 8 - 10 hours so don't wait until the "last minute". I add an extra 16 rows to the pattern as written for extra length.

I've probably made at least 20 pairs of these as gifts over the years.

Here is a pair I made for a recent Craftster swap...

There are very few humans on this planet that don't appreciate a good bag. I stumbled across this pattern for a simple pleated shoulder bag by Ali Foster about a year ago and since then have made at least 8 as gifts. The pattern is so quick and simple and if you're careful about cutting, you can make this with as little as half a yard of fabric (for the outside). The best part is picking out a fabric that you know your friend will like!

Here are a few that I've made recently...

Thanks for looking! I'm heading off to make a Sorry You Stubbed your Toe gift.

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