I Fancy Felt

My Mom was a preschool teacher so our house was always filled with pipe cleaners, tempera paint, construction paper and felt. I've recently started experimenting with some of these childhood materials again and I'm lovin' it, especially felt!

I've purchased a few crafty books on the subject of felt that have inspired me. I wanted to share my thoughts on the books and some of the crafts I made from them.

Fa la la la Felt
This is an adorable book with instructions for making all kinds of wonderful holiday decorations with felt. There are chapters for ornaments, stockings and other decorations. All of them are adorable and seem relatively easy to execute.

These little ornaments are obviously not xmas themed but they were inspired by a similar design that I found in the book.

Anything by Aranzi Aronzo
I LOVE all of these books. The designs just make me smile. The projects come together very quickly and make wonderful gifts.

I made these finger puppets for a friend as a baby shower gift. The designs came right from the Aranzi Aronzo book, Baby Stuff.

This journal cover was inspired by a similar one featured in the same book.

I also recently purchased, Scandinavian Needlecraft. This book is more about embroidery but many of the items are made from felt. There is a gorgeous project bag on the cover that I'm dying to make!

I've had the book, Felties sitting around forever. There are some seriously cute patterns in this book for making funny little dolls. I flip through it regularly but haven't made anything from it (yet). It looks like they also have a zombie version of the book! I'll be adding that to my wish list.

These last two projects are my own little creations! Utilizing felt with traditional embroidery techniques has been very fun to experiment with.

Zombie Octopus (complete with exposed brains)

Embroidered Flower Patch
Thanks for looking!

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Jake said...

Here's the deal: I love the Zombie Octopus, and want you to make me one. Can you start it asap please?